Published: December 27, 2018

Use the Mixture of Rice Straw and the Conocarpus erectus L., 1758 Leaves as the Medium of the Biofilter to Reduce the Ammonia Emitted from Poultry Houses

1-10 Assad Y. Khudher, Riyed K. Mossa, Jaffer M. Jassim

The activity of some Actinomycetes isolates in control of cucumber damping off disease caused by Rhizoctiona solani and Pythium sp.

11-23 Lina K. Awad, Mohammed A. Fayyadh

Using Eye and Nasal Temperatures to Measure Positive Emotions in Free-Range Hamdani Sheep

24-30 Niarz J. Hussein

Destruction of bacteria using electric stimulation of old Duck and Chicken carcasses

31-35 Noora K. Al-Hmedawy, Majid H. Al-Asadi, Assad R. Al-Hilphy

Comparative Taxonomy of Two Species of Acanthopagrus Peters, 1855 (Pisces: Sparidae) with the First Record of A. sheim Iwatsuki, 2013 from Iraq

36-43 Atheer H. Ali, Thamir k. Adday, Najim R. Khamees

Wheat Grains Germination and Seedling Growth Performance under Drought Condition

44-52 Sirwa A. Qadir

In Vitro Antimicrobial Activity of Aqueous-Methanolic Extract of Populus sp. Leaves

53-64 Husein A. Husein, Dhurgham A.H. Alhasan, Majid A.Z. Albadry

Agroecosystem Management Practices on some Cucumber Plant Parameters using Integrated Fertilization under Green House

68-75 Akram M. Abdul Rahman, Allaaddin Yüksel

Occurrence of whirling disease symptoms in cultured common carp in Basrah, Iraq

76-81 Ebtihal K.J. Al-Nowfal, Najim R. Khamees, Sawsan S. Al-Haroon

First record of tomato late blight in Basrah province (Short Notes)

65-67 Labeed A. Al-Saad, Aqeel A. Al-Yousuf, Mohamed M. Mezaal