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Xylan produced various agricultural residues including wheat (Furat, Abugraib and Abaa), Papyrus and Sunflower stalks in different ways, including the use of diluted acid, dilute base and self-degradation. The results showed that the acidic method in the production of xylan from various agricultural residues compared with other methods was superior, the highest quantity of xylan 187.6 µ was obtained from the agricultural waste of Papyrus, while it was 157.6, 157.6, 161.6 and 161.3 µ of wheat category of furat, wheat Abu Ghraib, wheat Abaa and sunflower stalks respectively, based on the results obtained, the xylan produced by the acidic method of the different agricultural residues was selected to determine the optimal carboon source for production of xylanase using bacteria Bacillus subtilis strain RS1 locally isolated. After the production of xylitol, the descriptive diagnosis was performed using an HPLC device, depending on the time of the 38.4 minute time lapse reaction of the standard Xylitol and compared with the time of the production of Candida tropicalis, the amount of the processed xylitol was 8.3 µ, the calculated xylitol was compared standard xylitol


Agricultural waste Xylanase enzyme Submerged fermentation

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Khudhair, R. S., & Tami, E. I. . (2019). Xylitol Production from Agricultural Wastes by Candida tropicalis. Basrah Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 32, 1–6.


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