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A field experiment was conducted in the experiment field of Agricultural College, Basrah University, to study the effect of three types of moldboards i.e. helical, general purpose and digger moldboard, three tillage depths (15, 20 and 25 cm) and three forward speeds (4.37, 6.11 and 7.03 km h-1) on the draft force (DF), soil pulverization index (SPI), the specific energy (SE), the energy equivalent (EQE), and soil pulverization efficiency (SPE). Split-split plot with complete randomized block design with three replications were used in this study, and Least significant differences (LSD) was used to compare the means of treatments at 0.05 levels. The results showed there was a significant effect for moldboard types, plowing depths, plowing speeds and the interaction on all studied parameters. Whereas the digger moldboard type achieved the lower values of DF and SPI compared with the general purpose and helical moldboard types by percentage of 12.13 and 19.49% respectively and 16.37 and 50.61% respectively. However, the digger moldboard gave the highest value of SPE of 80%. The results Also, indicated to that the plowing depth and plowing speed had a significant effect on studied parameters when increasing the plowing depth by percentage 67% the DF and SPI increased by 137.27% and 30.46%, while the SE, the EQE and SPE reduced by 18.19, 17.80 and 2.70 % respectively. However, increasing the plowing speed by a percentage of 61%, the DF, SE, EQE, and SPE increased by 25.98, 45.11, 8.18 and 35.59% respectively, while the SPI decreased by 29.15%. 


Moldboards types Plowing depth Plowing speed SPI and Soil pulverization efficiency

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A. Alwan , A. . (2019). A Field Study of Soil Pulverization Energy by using Different Moldboards Types Under Various Operating Condition. Basrah Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 32, 373–388.


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