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Between January and December 2019, a total of 368 fish specimens were collected from Lake Hamrin in Diyala province, Iraq. Eight species of these fishes belonged to the family Cyprinidae, five to the family Leuciscidae as well as one species each to Bagridae, Heteropneustidae, Siluridae, Mugilidae and Mastacembelidae. After the laboratory examination these fishes were found to be infected with 30 monogeneans and two trematode species. The monogeneans included one species each of Mastacembelocleidus, Paradiplozoon, Solostamenides, and Thaparocleidus, two species of Dogielius, four species of Gyrodactylus and 20 species of Dactylogyrus, while the trematodes included one species each of Ascocotyle which infects eight fish species and Clinostomum which infect nine fish species. Clinostomum complanatum infected nine host species, also, the results of the present study revealed that 15 parasite species infect only one host species each. Carassius auratus was infected with 18 parasite species and Cyprinus carpio with nine species. Eight fish species are reported here as new host records in Iraq for 13 parasite species.


Monogenea Trematoda Freshwater fishes Diyala province Lake Hamrin Iraq

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Al-Jawda, J. M. ., & Ali, M. H. . (2020). Monogeneans and Trematodes of some Fishes from Lake Hamrin in Diyala Province, Iraq . Basrah Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 33(2), 218–228.


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