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Kurau River Basin (KRB), which covers an area of 322 km2 and is the main drainage artery pouring into Bukit Merah Reservoir (BMR), is located in Perak State of Malaysia. The study of rainfall-runoff processes in KRB is important because BMR plays a vital role in rice production, flood control, ecosystems, and tourism in the region. This study proposes a new approach to rainfall-runoff modeling based on the fractional calculus. A dataset of daily rainfall and streamflow has been acquired. Then, the standard linear autoregressive with exogenous input (ARX) model is identified from the dataset in the sense of least square error. We consider the ARX model as a discretized differential equation with fractional orders. Such a model with fractional derivatives is versatile to represent hysteresis, which is intrinsically linked to the real runoff processes in tropical catchment basins like KRB.


Runoff analysis ARX model Fractional calculus Malaysia

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Unami, K. ., Fadhil, R. M., & Kamal, M. R. . (2021). Rainfall-Runoff Models with Fractional Derivatives Applied to Kurau River Basin, Perak, Malaysia. Basrah Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 34, 34–40.


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