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This research aimed at a proposal to regulate the relationships among extension, research and educational agricultural institutions in Sulaymani Governorate, by diagnosing the personal variables of the respondents, and identifying the reality of organizing relationships between these institutions, leading to preparing a proposed model for organizing relations between them. The research population included the agricultural organizations represented by (Agricultural Extension Directorate, Agricultural Research Directorate, Agricultural Colleges and Institutes), and a proportional stratified random Sample of 15% was chosen from all organizations, the total of the instructor sample is 85 respondents. The proposed model was prepared according to the following procedures: literature and forms, expert observations, review of research and articles, conducting field visits, documents and records. 3 fields, 12 elements and 168 paragraphs were developed, all of which formed the initial formula of the model. The model was presented in its initial form to a group of experts in the field of agricultural extension and management, and after taking their observations into account; the model now includes 3 fields, 12 elements and 148 paragraphs. The research found that there is no process of organizing the relationships between the studied institutions, and showed that all respondents agreed on the paragraphs of the proposed model. And recommends its application in real agricultural work in Sulaymani province.


Agricultural Education Centres Agricultural Research Centres Organizing the agricultural extension

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Hasan, T. M. . (2021). A Suggested Model for Organizing the Relationships among Agricultural Extension, Research and Educational Institutions in The Sulaymani Governorate. Basrah Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 34(2), 161–183.


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