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This study aims to evaluate the developmental trends and the allometric growth values of carcass components and carcass waste in Awassi lambs. Twenty five entire Awassi lambs were seriously slaughtered at 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40 kg. Results revealed that the allometric growth coefficients of dissectible lean (0.853) and bone (0.793) weights were negative heterogonic (b<1) indicating that these tissues significantly (p<0.01) grew at slower rate than carcass weight. Conversely, fat was positive heterogonic (1.859) and considered a late maturing tissue. Also, it seems from the coefficients that leg is an early maturing (b=0.938), whereas shoulder is a late maturing (b=1.293). Rack, neck, breast and flank are isogonic (b=1) and grew at a similar rate in relation to carcass weight. Carcass fat, carcass waste fat and fat tail relative to empty body weight are 1.920, 0.089 and 1.036, respectively, indicating carcass fat and fat tail are positive heterogonic demonstrating that are high impetus and grow at a higher rate than empty body weight, whereas carcass waste fat had allometric coefficient <1, low impetus and early maturing tissue. Skin, testes, spleen and kidney exhibited isogonic growth indicating that these components are grow similar rate to empty body weight. On the other hand, head, feet, liver, lung, heart and empty digestive tract are early maturing organs than did empty body weight.


Allometric growth Carcass composition Fat depots Awassi

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Yateem, C. A. M., Alkass, J. E. ., & Mustafa, K. N. . (2022). Allometric Growth Coefficients of Carcass Components and Carcass Waste in Awassi Lambs. Basrah Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 35(2), 271–280.


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