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: The field experiment was performed during the autumn growing season 2019 in Al Khyoot village of the Qurna town which is located at 75 km northern Basrah city centre. For improving the maize growth and yield, the effect of foliar spraying with iron and zinc and the most important technological characteristics of the knapsack sprayer such as nozzle types was studied. Three nozzle types were investigated as standard Flat fan nozzle, Hollow cone nozzle, and Tip nozzle (as reference nozzle in this study). Three foliar concentrations (0, Zn30 + Fe100 and Fe100+ Zn30) as well as a 16- litre capacity of the knapsack sprayer were used for fertilizer spraying experiments. All field experiments were carried out using the complete randomized block design (RCBD) with three replications. The results of the statistical analysis showed that there was a significant effect of the nozzle type and foliar spraying on the plant growth and yield characteristics as plant height, stem diameter, number of leaves, leaf area, number of grains, and yields (152.39 cm, 1.88 cm, 13.98, 4559 cm2, 376.51 and 5.51 Mg ha-1 respectively). Also, these characteristics showed an increase percentage as following (2.79%, 2.25%, 0.60%, 3.11%, 3.70%, and 1.73% respectively) when the hollow cone nozzle was used compared to the reference nozzle. In addition, an interaction between the studied factors also appeared a significant difference in the grain number and yield characteristics.


Knapsack sprayer nozzles Micronutrients Maize

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Alheidary, M. H. ., Al-shaheen, M. S. ., & Al abdullah, S. A. . (2020). The Role of Sprayer`s Characteristics and Foliar Spraying for Improving the Maize Growth and Yield. Basrah Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 33(2), 182–195.


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