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With the aim of providing a multi-crop thresher to local farmers, the IAR-sorghum thresher was evaluated using varieties of wheat. Among the factors which were varied in the randomized complete block design experiments used in the evaluation were 2 levels of moisture content, 2 levels on feed rate, 3 levels of cylinder speed and 3 replications of each treatment. The indices used to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of the thresher to process wheat were threshing efficiency, cleaning efficiency, scatter loss from thresher and its output capacity. The fuel consumption rates of carrying the tasks out were also determined for the 2 moisture contents of each variety. These indices translate into the economics qualities and quantities which would influence the acceptance or other of the thresher by targeted farmers. It was found that the thresher could thresh the crop to a threshing efficiency of 95%, cleaning efficiency of 82%, scatter loss of 10% achieved by the thresher was rather high, and the output capacity of 9 kg hr-1 was not satisfactorily. Hence, the recommendation on how to improve on the thresher performance and the rate of fuel consumption were provided.


Threshing Efficiency Cleaning Efficiency Scatter Loss Throughput Capacity Hard Red Winter Wheat and Hard White wheat

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Afolabi, A. ., Oguntade, K. I. ., & Abdulkadir, A. . (2021). Adaptive Performance Evaluation of IAR-Sorghum Thresher for Two Varieties of Wheat. Basrah Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 34, 81–91.


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