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Poultry houses contribute 93% of the total amount of ammonia gas emittedfrom production facilities. The study aims to evaluate the efficiency of the biofilter forreducing environmental pollution by ammonia gas and using local and cheap materials.Two field experiments were conducted, A chicken (Ross 308, weigh 44.5 g) was raised in 35 days. Experiment unit dimensions are 1.2 x 1.5 x 2.5 length, width and height and each one of them was connected with a biofilter from the outside by air transport channel. The first experiment of three stocking densities (14, 16, 18) birds / m 2 and three replicates. The second experiment included the use of one SD (14 bird\m2), 3 mixtures of rice straw and the conocarpus leaves as the medium of the Biofilter and three replicates. The efficiency of the biofilter (mixture of 0.30 Conocarpus leaves with 0.70 rice straw) was 91%. The efficiency of the Biofilter was about 91.7% when media 0.25 of Conocarpus with 0.75 straw rice and characterized by a high content of total fungi compared to the other two.


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Khudher, A. Y. ., Mossa, R. K. ., & Jassim, J. M. . (2018). Use the Mixture of Rice Straw and the Conocarpus erectus L., 1758 Leaves as the Medium of the Biofilter to Reduce the Ammonia Emitted from Poultry Houses. Basrah Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 31(2), 1–10.


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