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Cladosporium ramotenellum Schub., Zalar, Crous & Braun, 2007 an ascomycetes fungus, was isolated from cultured date palm tissues at callus induction stage in Date Palm Research Centre, University of Basrah. Morphometric and molecular diagnoses using internal transcribed spacer (ITS) primers were applied. Notably, C. ramotenellum was not previously recorded as a contaminant of cultured date palm tissues in Iraq.


Cladosporium ramotenellum Date palm Fungal contamination Molecular identification Morphology

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Ahmed , A. N. ., & Abass, M. H. . (2022). Disease Note: First Report of Cladosporium ramotenellum Schub., Zalar, Crous & Braun, 2007 (Fungi: Dothideomycetes) as a Potential Contaminant of Date Palm Tissue Culture. Basrah Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 35(2), 373–375.


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