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This study was conducted in one of the private orchards in the district of Abu Al-Khaseeb, Basrah province during the growing seasons 2017 - 2018 in order to examine the effect of spraying acidic whey, enzymatic whey and  magnetized and non-magnetized whey on date palm cultivars Phoenix dactylifera L. agricultural (yellow Shwithi and Al-Khdrawi). A Concentration of 100% of the whey was applied to the fruits. The results of the study showed the superiority of the yellow Shwithi and Al-Khdrawi regarding the Qualitative and Productive characteristics. There was a significant difference between the date palm cultivars regarding the length, diameter, the weight of fruit, dry matter, total and reduced sugars and fruit content of invertase enzyme were recorded 33.45 mm, 20.89 mm, 9.302 g, 37.685%, 50.28%, 36.09% and 2347 units/kg/ CO2. The spray treatment was characterized by enzymatic whey in most of the study treatments of fruit length, fruit weight, total sugars and invertase enzyme. It reached 34.55 mm, 9.883 g, 56.15% and 2005.3 units/kg/CO2. The results also showed the importance of bilateral interaction between the variety and spray treatment.


Date Palm Whey protein Magnetic field

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Ali, H. I. ., Abed, A. M. ., & Khassaf, W. H. . (2021). Effect of Acid Whey, Enzymatic Whey, Magnetized and Unmagnetized Whey on the Qualitative and Productive Traits of Date Palm. Basrah Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 34(2), 10–28.


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