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Volume 34, Number : 1
February 4, 2021
Current Issue

Vol. 34: (Special Issue1)2021 The 5th International Conference on Agricultural and Food Engineering (CAFEi) 2021

Published: August 19, 2021

Relationship of Oil Palm Crown Features Extracted Using Terrestrial Laser Scanning for Basal Stem Rot Disease Classification

1-10 Nur A. Husin, Siti Khairunniza Bejo, Ahmad F. Abdullah, Muhamad S.M. Kassim, Desa Ahmad

Feasibility Study of 3D Printed Materials for an Ammonia Emission Passive Sampler

11-20 Sabrina Jaeman, Khairudin Nurulhuda, Adibah Mohd Amin, Muhammad Firdaus Sulaiman, Hasfalina Che Man, Anas Mohd Mustafah, Nurul Syaadah Gusni

Adoption of Precision Agriculture by Detecting and Spraying Herbicide using UAV

21-33 Samarth S. Prabhu, A .Vishal Kumar, Rajkumar Murugesan, Jayit Saha, Ishita Dasgupta

Rainfall-Runoff Models with Fractional Derivatives Applied to Kurau River Basin, Perak, Malaysia

34-40 Koichi Unami, Rasha M. Fadhil, Md Rowshon Kamal

Spatial variability of soil erodibility in response to different agricultural land use at highland farms

41--53 Nuraddeen M. Nasidi, Aimrun Wayayok, Ahmad F. Abdullah, Muhamad S.M. Kassim, Nura J. Shanono

Biomass and Yield Estimation of MR219 and MR220 of Paddy Varieties using Terrestrial Laser Scanning Data

54-62 Zareen Zulkifli, Siti Khairunniza Bejo, Farrah M. Muharam, Ian Yule, Reddy Pullanagari, Li Dan, Wan N. Z. Z. Abdulllah

Evaluation of Fertilizer Electrical Conductivity (EC) and Temperature Distribution via Vertical Farming System under Plant Factory

63-72 Ahmad S. S. Sulaiman, Mohammad A. Ahmad, Seri A. Hassim, Muhamad S. A. Azman

Detecting BSR-infected Oil Palm Seedlings using Thermal Imaging Technique

73-80 Siti N. Á. M. Johari, Siti Khairunniza Bejo, Ghaibulna Abdol Lajis, Leona D. J. DaimDai, Neoh B. Keat, Yap Yun Ci, Nalisha Ithnin

Adaptive Performance Evaluation of IAR-Sorghum Thresher for Two Varieties of Wheat

81-91 Akintayo Afolabi, Kolawole I. Oguntade, Aisha Abdulkadir

Discharge Characterization and Variability Determination along Shorter Sections of Soaker Hose Pipe for Soil Column Experiment

92-99 Abdullahi Salisu, Aimrun Wayayok, Ahmad F. Abdallah, Rowshon Md. Kamal

Characterization of Clay Soil and Zolite Powder as Materials for the Production of Irrigation Porous Pipes

100-107 Abdullahi Salisu, Wayayok Aimrun, Ahmad F. Abdullah, & Rowshon Md. Kamal

Analytical Comparison between the Speed of Screw and Crank-Rocker BasedPick and Place Mechanisms for Seedling Tray Seeding Machine

108-118 Tukur D. Abdulkadir, Muhammad R. Mahadi, Aimrun Wayayok, Muhamad S.M. Kassim

A Review of the In-Field Transporting Machines Currently Used in Oil Palm Plantations in Malaysia

119-137 Rafea A. M. Aljawadi, Desa Ahmad, Nazmi M. Nawi, Muhamad S. M. Kassim, Wan I. W. Ismail

Molecular Diversity and Compositional Analysis of Microbiota in Aged Refuse Biofilter Revealed by Amplicon Sequencing

138-148 Sandra C. Anijiofor , Hasfalina Che Man, Nik Norsyahariati Nik Daud

Determination of Tensile Properties for Twisted Fibre Bundles of Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunch at Different Diameters

149-156 Nik N. Nasri, Nazmi M. Nawi, Azhari S. Baharuddin, Saripa M. Lazim

Drone Payload and Flying Speed Effects on Rotor Blades' RPM and Traveling Pattern for Agricultural Chemical Spraying

157-170 Siti A. Ismail, Azmi Yahya, Ahmad S. Mat Su, Norhayu Asib, Anas M. Mustafah

Differences Between Healthy and Ganoderma boninense Infected Oil Palm Seedlings Using Spectral Reflectance of Young Leaf Data

171-179 Aiman N.N. Azmi, Siti K. Bejo, Mahirah Jahari, Farrah M. Muharam, Ian Yule
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